I know you don’t have the time or even the desire to be on social media all day to grow a community of supporters so I am creating pages and post on a new site for you. This is a service to warriors. I saw a need and trying to fill it with something that I am gifted at.

There will be a place for photos, videos, and links that fans can find of you. I am big on family. I understand social media. I am building this platform to help. I hope that through my efforts, you will be able to get more fights, make more money and get what you work so hard for. I’m going to use the podcast to help inspire others. You have knowledge, skills and have overcome obstacles that need to be shared. I’ll be calling on you at least once a month to keep us informed of your training, struggles and wins. This is not going to be just another MMA fan podcast. This is a podcast with a purpose. I’m going to be helping you push your exploits out to your fans. And unlike many websites that support those podcast, this one will be one where you are the star. And you know you need fans, right? Unknowns don’t get signed no matter how good you are.

Join the family of friends, fighters, and fitness buffs here at WarriorCast. Signing up with your name and email address helps me grow the podcast and website. I will send you information about when things launch, when they are available as well as events and businesses that support us. I promise not to misuse your trust.

This endeavor is becoming both a ministry and a job for me. Taking care of and encouraging people is what I do best. Fight on!