WarriorCast “Behind the Scenes, and Inside the Ring”

Following local mixed marital artists and hear their personal stories, struggles, and let it inspire you to fight harder or wake the warrior within.

The first time I started this podcast I did it as a project to involve my son. He is an introvert but a funny and great guy to be around. I knew that podcasting had helped me speak and express myself better, so I thought I’d fix up a show that we could both do. He talks passionately about the martial arts and lives the lifestyle of a fighter. Neither of us realized what that meant. It’s a life of sacrifice, denial, consistency, perseverance, dedication, honor, and truth. You cannot party like others. You do not eat everything. You train to fight and live honorably in a time when it’s a fad and a cliché.

It was hard to get all his friend together when it was convenient for me to act as producer and co-host, so it podfaded. The first episode marks the return of WarriorCast. Today it has a different mission.

Years have passed. The martial arts has changed since Jhoon Rhee owned the TV commercial spots with his line of Self Defense Karate Studios franchise.


Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting back in the day. That was a song actually.


I’ve taken WuShu Kung Fu, Hapkido, and Tae Kwon Do , from probably six different schools. My son, has grown up from being a a Ninja Turtle, to Power Ranger and Super Saiyan. I kept him in schools and went with him until he was able to get his Black Belt. He has continued on and now scares his mother regularly as a lifestyle martial artist. It’s her baby, even if he is six foot tall and over 25.
The college grad whose picture I use for the podcast is still training and living healthy. He found a boxing gym that he likes and has recently had several smokers there. After a tiring day at work, twelve hours actually, he invited me to see him compete.

I walked into the gym and there had to be eighty people in the place. The vibe was electric. It was a family, carnival, party atmosphere. Little kids were wrestling, and tumbling. Heavy weight fighters were warming up all around them careful not to step on them. Women were shadow boxing and also warming up for fights. It was amazing.

The place is called Level Up Fitness & Boxing. It is run by a really nice, business savvy guy named Jason. We talked and the conversation made me want to start a podcast about his tribe. People like my son, the women, the bearded guys, the tattooed guy, the little muscular guy that looked like a Yakuza hit man. All of them.

But I thought, there are plenty of MMA podcast. There are UFC fans a plenty. But wait, maybe I could do something different.

I’m telling your story here.



Kenn Blanchard is a professional podcaster, writer, ordained pastor and student of life. He is a former US Marine, federal police officer and trainer, CIA analyst and security officer.

He has been on international media, several documentaries and has authored several books, and audiobooks.

He is a marketing consultant with Blanchard.Media.  He is the founder of GunPodcastNetwork.com